Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hopenhagen or Corporate Haven?

Naomi Klein is no fan of capitalism. In fact, the Canadian author of The Shock Doctrine is no fan of business as usual U.N conferences either. Mrs. Klein key noted the  opening ceremony of an alternative model for climate change discussion called the Klima Forum. The Forum is a left-leaning (and dare I say profoundly enlightening) set of speeches, performances, panels, discussions, and activism all staged in a building only a few metro stops away from the Bella Center (where the U.N Climate Conference is presently being held). The Forum will be active for the duration of the two week U.N conference.

Klein called COP 15 "the biggest case of disaster capitalism. The deal we really need is not even on the table."

In the past months the "Hopenhagen" add campaign has swept through the pages of periodicals and magazines around the world, spreading the belief that a deal struck in Copenhagen would be something to believe in. The main square in front of city hall in downtown Copenhagen has been taken over by a huge inflated globe. Hotdog stands and green technology companies have set up camp surrounding the globe in a sea of colored lights and business logos. 
Mrs. Klein isn't convinced by the toothy grinned enthusiasm of the square: “The globe has Siemens logo on the bottom and the whole event is sponsored by Coke. That is a capitalization of hope but Klimaforum09 is where the real hope lies.”

I think I agree.

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  1. awesome matt, i'm glad your finding an alternative venue that doesn't make your stomach turn (or at least only on queue).