Friday, December 11, 2009

Our Climate Not Your Business!

The Our Climate Not Your Business protest meets in Nytorv Square

Protestors march to the road towards city hall, but are blocked off by the police

The police block both ends of the street, allowing only press to leave and enter freely

The police create a blockade

The protestors, angry for being held, confront the police

The police allow the protestors to continue their march. Soon, the march has spread across many streets

People watch the march from the windows of nearby buildings

Activists are arrested during the protest

Protestor-medics join the march in case anybody is hurt by police or other protestors

The police continue to block of areas where the protestors are marching

The protestors are kept still for almost twenty minutes, some take a seat

Checkpoints are made where protestors are searched for contraband

Protestors chant "our climate, not your business" along with "anti-capitalism"

Police move the protestors onto a bridge near Norreport and trap them between either side. They move tighter and tighter until the protestors are squeezed into a small space. The protest ends and 60 protestors are detained

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  1. some awesome last couple of post mateo, I am feeling some super heart and soul. Loved the protest pictures; medics smoking cigarettes, threes and threes, single to the mass. fab. I am so glad I am getting to keep up to date on all of this.